Postgraduate Degree in International and European Affairs

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International Students Coordinator
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International BROCHURE

Deadline for applications:
May 30, 2019

Classes begin:
September 3, 2019

End of academic year:
September 30, 2020  (including internship period)


The program in International Affairs is a one-year interdisciplinary course of studies leading to a Postgraduate Degree, equivalent to a 1st year Master’s degree (Bac+4) in International Affairs.

Specifically aimed at English-speaking foreign students with little or no business studies or related background, the program has the particularity of combining intensive French language and culture courses with a comprehensive academic program taught entirely in English.


The main aim of the course is to prepare students for a variety of international careers within the public and private sectors engaged in international relations, by off ering them a multi-faceted and thorough insight into European Management Affairs.

An ideal stepping stone to further studies in France, students who successfully complete the course may be given the opportunity to enrol on the Master in International Management and skills Development degree (Bac+5) taught in English.

Alternatively, if the student has a DELF B2 level in French at the end of the academic year, he/ she can apply for entry on a final year Master's Degree (Bac+5) in one of the following disciplines taught in French:

  • Accounting and Audit
  • Business Administration
  • Treasury Risk Management
  • Management Strategy and Financial Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Management Information Systems and Management Control
  • Marketing


The academic units, all of which are taught exclusively in English, consist of six mandatory core courses of 20 hours each per semester. In order to help initiate students to the French language and way of life, 100 hours of intensive French language training will be off ered in September.

From October onwards, in addition to the six compulsory modules to be taken, students are obliged to take 100 hours of French lessons (FLE) per semester.