The L’Étudiant magazine ranks Rennes 2nd best student city in France

The L’Étudiant magazine ranks Rennes 2nd best student city in France

As in previous years, the French “L’Etudiant” magazine helps students choose THE city where they will study. 43 French cities with 8,000 students or more were carefully screened through 5 main criteria – education, attractiveness, employment, living environment and of course student life.

This year, Rennes moved up one place from third in the 2020 ranking, with a total of 116 points out of 151, continuing its ascent started in 2019, to join this year Lyon on the 2nd position on the podium!

69,000 students, including 7,700 international students… Rennes is without a doubt THE city where it is best to study! Although it is a human-sized city, it offers a wide variety of institutions and courses.

Rennes is in a good position on several criteria:

  • 1st on “Training”namely the density of the higher education offer and the offer of prep schools and grandes écoles (a very unique French concept) and the success rate in bachelor’s degree.
  • 3rd in “Student Life”.
  • 6th on “Employment”, which highlights the dynamism of employment over 10 years, and observes the overall level of employment in the region..

A new item this year, the magazine also polled students, via social networks, on their city’s environmental efforts. According to this ranking, Rennes comes third, behind La Rochelle and Strasbourg.

97.6% of Rennes students surveyed recommend their city as a place to study, the 4th most positive recommendation rate in France, with one strong point: the atmosphere.


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