Portrait of a graduate: Myriam Gonzalez Dabdoub, Mexico, IHRM graduate


Master in International Human Resources Project Management

Promotion 2017-2018

I think that more than a class we became a family. Unlike other programs, HR is all about its people, social relations, etc… I considered we were a very empathetic group that avoided a cultural shock and tried to always understand the other part.

What was your background before coming to study at IGR-IAE Rennes ?

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies as well as a certification in Intercultural Competences. By then, I decided to acquire some professional experience before actually starting my master’s degree. During my first work experience, I acted as a submission officer, in charge of the process linked to Canadian visa applications and work permits within a global company specialized in government’s services and diplomatic missions. Subsequently, I decided to move to the United States in order to accomplish a one-year graduate program called “Cultural Representative” at the Walt Disney World Company. During this program I had the opportunity of becoming a trainer on my work location and discovered the HR sector. I really enjoyed this experience and realized I wanted to specialize in this area, while always keeping my international profile.

What was your motivation for this study project in France?

My main motivation was to accomplish a master’s degree within a multicultural environment. Previously, I had the opportunity of being part of different international groups either at my home country or abroad and I find this fascinating but also challenging. Secondly, I wanted to improve my French and I wanted to prove myself that I could work in this language. From a personal point of view, during my Bachelor’s studies I conducted an exchange program in France and I wanted to live the full experience, not just as a student but also as an expatriate.

What would you advise to a Mexican student who has the same project as you?

I would advise to start learning French beforehand; the French classes at IGR-IAE are very useful and a great tool, actually I was surprised that we had so many hours (very much appreciated). However, keep in mind that the internship and work interviews will most likely take place in French; the work language will be French for sure, it doesn’t matter how “international” the company might be. Therefore, I really recommend having at least a notion of the language that will definitely help you to improve faster and to immerse yourself in the French culture.

What is your best surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE?

Upon arrival, the best memory I had was when I got the key of my room in the student’s residence. To be honest, I missed so much the student life after working for a while. Suddenly I was already entering to the building, I had so many expectations and was very excited because I got the feeling that I finally made it. Moving to a different country is a whole process, which requires a lot of planning. So my first day in Rennes was full of satisfaction, I was so happy of meeting my new neighbors, and so surprised that I was finally walking outside of IGR-IAE; the best memory was starting day 1 knowing that this would be a new stage of my life. Of course, there were many more that took place during the master’s program such as the team-building session we had at the beginning of the master, our first international lunch with the class of 2018, the Move & Share events and our graduation ceremony, just to name a few.

What is your worst surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE?

PAPERWORK. This is a never-ending issue in France. Every action required, it does not matter which one (Bank, a phone subscription, a transportation pass, social security, immigration status) will require paperwork; which is normal but it also requires a lot of patience and it will take a longer time than expected.

What are the highlights of the Master of International Human Resources Management?

I think that more than a class we became a family. Unlike other programs, HR is all about its people, social relations, etc… I considered we were a very empathetic group that avoided a cultural shock and tried to always understand the other part. This master provided us with the necessary skills to lead any intercultural situation (problem solving, negotiation, management). On the other hand, we had a lot of support from our teachers concerning our internship applications and work life in France.

What do you miss most after the end of your studies at IGR-IAE?

What I miss the most, is being surrounded by my colleagues that were exactly in the same situation as me. Most of us are foreigners in France and I always felt somehow understood. Most people would say that being part of an international team is not easy, (which is true). However, sometimes it is way much harder being the only “foreigner” surrounded by locals. We have to make the double of effort to understand inside jokes, to follow-up, to speak and when I was an IGR student this was easier, we were all in the same boat. Another thing that I miss a lot, is sharing all of our amazing culinary skills and traveling around Bretagne as well as our gatherings in the student’s residences.

How has your education at IGR-IAE Rennes helped you in your career?

My education at IGR-IAE was a great platform towards finding a job in France. Degrees in France are very important in order to be hired. IGR helped me develop the necessary skills to achieve a Bac+5 Master’s Degree. Also IGR-IAE itself is a very proactive community, the presence of many student associations and their events helped me personally to contribute to my own community wherever I go.

How was your career path after you left IGR-IAE?

I conducted an internship in Transdev, an international transportation company in the Compensation and Benefits department. After I finished my 6-month internship I was offered a temporary job, followed by a permanent hire and ever since I have been acting as an International Mobility Coordinator. I am in charge of the expatriate packages calculation, update the international mobility group’s policy, and I also coordinate the logistics linked to the employee’s mobility such as organizing their intercultural and language training, coordinating their move and relocation, social security, immigration process, etc…

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