IGR-IAE Rennes is part of the EDUC + M project

The EDUCating for Positive Management strategic partnership project, submitted by Université Paris Nanterre in partnership with the universities of the EDUC Alliance, has been selected by the French Erasmus+ Agency. This project aims to propose a more responsible approach to management based on innovative content compared to traditional teaching. The EDUCating for Positive Management strategic partnership project is in line with the EDUC Alliance. It will integrate sustainable development into core courses and offer teachers new teaching tools.

This EDUC+M project is a small part of the overall EDUC project, which mobilizes many administrative and faculty staff of the University of Rennes 1.

For IGR-IAE Rennes, School of Management of the University of Rennes 1, Dr. Caroline Ruiller and Dr. Christophe Vignon are in charge of the educational and research aspects of the EDUC+M project, also involving a research group of professors-researchers from IGR-IAE Rennes around new international projects with Karine Picot Coupey, sustainable development with Fanny Reniou, and entrepreneurship with Karine Le Rudulier and Laura Sabbado Da Rosa, to name but a few…

The main expected results of the project are the appropriation by teachers and students of the concepts of “positive management” to improve their employability, and the dissemination in companies of decision-making methods that increase their resilience.
The EDUC Alliance, made up of 6 European universities ((Universitie of Cagliari, Italy, Potsdam, Germany, Masarykova, Czech Republic, Pecs, Hungary, Rennes 1 and Nanterre), aims in particular to promote networking of administrative and academic staff in order to develop new training projects, to support pedagogical innovation and to encourage exchange of good practices.

IGR-IAE Rennes is pleased and proud of the participation of its professors -researchers in this ambitious three-year international project!

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