Portrait of a graduate: BUI Thi Chi Linh, MBAIM 2018-2019


• What was your background before coming to study at IGR-IAE Rennes ?

Before applying to IGR-IAE Rennes, I had graduated from a Bachelor’s in International Business at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I worked for 6 years in various multinational corporations, including Maersk, Kuehne + Nagel, in the fields of shipping and Logistics before joining the Master of Business Administration in International Management. The company’s multinational setting gave me many opportunities to work with colleagues from various origins. 
I currently work at Acome, the company which offered me a position after my 5-month internship there.

• What was your motivation for this study project in France ?

During these years when I worked in Vietnam, I became aware that I needed to upgrade my profile, in order to become a manager in an international company. That is when I started looking for MBA Programs, which would help me gain an overview of all the company’s areas and departments in order to have a better knowledge of how the company operates. I looked for programs in the USA, Germany, Australia and France. One of my friends was looking for a program as well and we supported each other throughout the process. I chose the MBAIM at IGR-IAE Rennes because it met my criteria: MBA covering all the fields of Management, reasonable tuition fee, good reputation of the school and University of Rennes 1 and quality of the French education system. I appreciated receiving an adequate and timely response from the coordinator at IGR. 

• What would you advise to a Vietnamese student who has the same project as you?

I recommend the Master of Business Administration in International Management. As for me, it met my criteria and was true to its promise. 
France is a good choice (quality of the higher education system).
IGR is a good choice: the program is taught in English, the added value is the 300 hours of French as a foreign language. 
Rennes is a good place for a study project. The city has the good size for all students to feel at ease. 
Students must not forget that this year is full of challenges; They must be prepared for them. 

• What is your best surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE Rennes?

All the good moments with the new friends I made in Rennes: dinners, gatherings, the student life in Rennes, and all the interesting classes with international teachers giving courses to the MBAIM. 

• What is your worst surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE Rennes?

Realization that the winter was going to be very tough and cold, especially for someone coming from a tropical country. Students need to be aware of that, and get ready to buy the adequate clothes, etc… for that season.
Another very stressful moment was the internship search. There was a lot of pressure at that point. We need to be conscious that: a very good French level can bring a huge advantage to solve this issue; also a positive and “never give-up” attitude will be another key to overcome this challenge.

• What are the highlights of the MBAIM program

- diversity of subjects (Finance, Marketing, etc…) 
- the international environment (students from all over the world) and students. Too bad there were no French students in our MBAIM group, unlike some of the ther English-taught masters. I think their presence is a “plus”.
- especially the professors, both because of their personality, and their rich and varied working experience, providing us significant practical knowledge. 

• What do you miss most after the end of your studies at IGR-IAE Rennes? 

My class: teachers, classmates and my student life in Rennes

• How has your education at IGR-IAE helped you in your career? 

I appreciate the fact that the diploma I obtained is a real Master Degree recognized by the French Ministry of Education. The knowledge I gained is invaluable and helps me daily in the job I have currently. 
The international experience I gained from attending class with students from varied backgrounds, and working with them on projects and case studies. Our differences in background and origins was something we all had to enjoy and work with. 

 Fiche enseignant : SABBADO DA ROSA Laura