Portrait of a graduate: Alejandro Fortuny, MBAIM 2018-2019


What was your background before coming to study at IGR-IAE Rennes ?

I studied Business administration in the University  of Salamanca and an Erasmus year in Lyon. 
After my studies I wanted to work for the organic food sector in Lyon, but my French was not good enough and  I had no working experience (excluding summer jobs).
Even if I've never imagined that I would work in the car industry I decided to apply for a 1 year position in Renault Ireland as a sales assistant to have a first experience that could help me find a job that fits more my values than the car industry. I worked for 13 months in Dublin and I moved to Rennes one month before the start of the Master 2.

What was your motivation for this study project in France ?

The main reason to be honest was my girlfriend who is French and who was already working in Rennes
I wanted to live in France and doing a Master 2 in France was a good opportunity to improve my French and get a job in Rennes.

What would you advise to an international student who has the same project as you?

If they want to learn French, improve their English, have a global view of how a company works it's a good choice to join the Master 2.

What is your best surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE Rennes?

How people from Rennes were welcoming and friendly, all the cultural regional differences comparing to other regions of France, the Fest Noz, the market of the Lices on Saturday,  le Morbihan, the north coast of France....

What is your worst surprise/memory of your arrival in France/Rennes/IGR-IAE Rennes?

Finding accommodation as Rennes was a bit of a challenge.

What are the highlights of the MBAIM?

Meeting people from different cultures
I enjoyed the course of CSR , the teacher did not hesitate to let us know the impact of company's decisions on the environment , even if that should be common it was new to get a critical and needed point of view on this issue. I think all courses should take into account the effects of company's decisions regarding the environment and people.
Teachers were always willing to help us, I felt free to ask them for advice and questions about their research.

What do you miss most after the end of your studies at IGR-IAE Rennes?

Speaking English and realizing how our point of view and our way to communicate are influenced by the country where we come from and its specifics social imagination.

How has your education at IGR-IAE Rennes helped you in your career?

It helped me to get my internship and my first job and to be almost bilingual.

How was your career path after you left IGR-IAE Rennes?

Thanks to the master I got the chance of doing my internship "stage études de veille du marché bio en France"  in Biocooop SA Coop in Rennes, my internship was an IGR-IAE Rennes exclusive internship offer that was published on the IGR--IAE Rennes website.
After my internship I am now working as a category manager assistant at Biocoop and it's been already one year that I'm working there.
However I would like to research and do a thesis in the nearly future.

 Fiche enseignant : SABBADO DA ROSA Laura