Innovative, effective and supportive pedagogical continuity

Continuité pédagogique

Innovative, effective and supportive pedagogical continuity

For a week now, IGR-IAE Rennes has been offering all its courses via distance learning to all its students, thus maintaining the quality of its teaching.

Innovative solutions have been implemented so that each course has its own dedicated virtual classroom thanks to a simple and secure digital space. Classes are recorded and videos are accessible to students who were unable to attend, particularly international students who have left France.

Pedagogical continuity, a priority for the school, is operational in order to ensure all its students an academic and professional education, recognized for more than 60 years, thanks to the real cooperation of all its actors : professors, professional practitioners or administrative staff.

Associative life, a strong strategic axis of IGR-IAE, is also ensured by all the students involved. They continue to reschedule projects and meetings thanks to the virtual space.

Mutual help and solidarity are strong values at the school, which is why the IGR-IAE Foundation provides financial assistance to international mobility students encountering difficulties (repatriation to France, costs incurred by internships abroad …).

Today, the school, faithful to its values, sincerely thanks all the actors who allow the quality of this pedagogical continuity and support for students who find themselves in difficulty due to this context: the member companies of the IGR-IAE Foundation*, the professors, the administrative staff and all the students of IGR-IAE Rennes who are proud of the reactivity of their school in this very particular context.

IGR-IAE Rennes offers its students the opportunity to continue their studies and to experience them in an unexpected but original and innovative way. May everyone take advantage of this time of quarantine to take care of themselves and their loved ones, to do and think differently and come out stronger.

*Members of the IGR-IAE Foundation : Legendre Group, Roullier Group, Verlingue Group, Jeulin Immobilier Group, KPMG, Club des Trente, Secob Group, Cressard & Le Goff Law Firm, Geirec Group, Boucher Services, Arc Group, Michel Group, PWC, MBA Mutual Fund, La Feuille d’Erable, Franco-Japanese Management Center.

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