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Maud Daniel

My research is on:

  • Sustainable consumption and more broadly the adoption by individuals of sustainable market and non-market practices. Using qualitative methods, my research aims to understand the different ways in which people engage in sustainable development and the trade-offs that address individual conflicts between sustainable development and everyday life concerns.
  • The integration of new practices in the daily life of individuals through interpersonal transmission (family and extra-family). This research aims to reveal the processes of learning, stabilization or disappearance of daily practices (purchases and uses). More specifically, our work clarifies the role of inter, intra and transgenerational transmission in the change and standardization of practices”.

Consumer Behaviour

Socially responsible consumption


Keywords: sustainable development, socially responsible consumption, sustainable purchasing, sustainable uses, inter and intra-generational transmission

  • services Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Non-media marketing and public relations
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Marketing Management

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