Information Systems


  • Spreadsheet and Database
  • Algorithmic
  • Programming languages
  • Database
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Design of automated information systems
  • Steering and monitoring of IT projects
  • Management of computer networks
  • Digital transformation process

Interactions with the social, economic and cultural environment

Consulting, project monitoring, development

I have been engaged in consulting, project monitoring and development for more than 20 years. The great majority of this activity has been carried out within the company UNISOFT Informatique for customers from various sectors (SMEs, regional and local authorities, CAC 40 companies, …). The main tools used have been :

  • Algorithmic (procedural and object approach)
  • Software Engineering Workshops (AGL) focused on “Design” (AMC Designor – Merise modeling)
  • UML
  • Software Engineering Workshops (AGL) focused on “OO development”
  • SQL language
  • DBMS: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HyperFile (WinDev), SQLIte, MongoDB, …
  • Languages: Visual Basic for Excel and Access, Visual Basic 6.0, VB .Net, WinDev, Delphi, Java, C++, Microsoft C#, Objective-C, Swift, …
  • Web languages: HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP, Java, Zope, Python, WebDev, …
  • Business Intelligence: SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Business Objects, Pentaho, Talend Open Studio, Pentaho, Microsoft Integration Services, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Lumira, …
  • Embedded Computing: Embedded Visual Basic, VB .Net, SQL Server CE, Access CE, SQL Lite, Android, Objective-C, Ionic, …
  • Implementation of Open Source solutions: PHP Nuke, Ganesha, Claroline, Moodle, SPIP, WANewletter, …
  • IT process management: UiPath, Automation Anywhere, …

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