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  • Master Management des Ressources Humaines, formation initiale et formation continue

Through various research themes, the aim is to analyze human resources management practices (skills management, diversity, social standards and ethical practices, social responsibility, time-sharing, for example).

The work conducted aims to understand how these practices are implemented in organizations, how they are regarded by employees, and to identify their impacts and difficulties. The aim is to promote management practices that enable the company to respond to the sometimes contradictory challenges of its various stakeholders and thus to develop a sustainable human resources management approach.

Skills management

Social responsibility

New working methods


Keywords: ethics, skills, social responsibility, sustainable human resources

  • Skills and Career Management
  • Ethics and HRM
  • Qualitative methods
  • Skills and time sharing
  • Labour law

Compréhension et appropriation du développement durable et de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises dans le contexte marocain (cas des entreprises agroalimentaires). Une approche par le processus d’institutionnalisation
PhD student : BOUKIL Aouatif
Date : 03/11/2016
Human Resource Management

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