Bachelor in International Business


Program Director
Dr. Thi Le Hoa VO

Program Coordinator
Tél : 02 23 23 45 23

Head of the full-time training office
Tél : 02 23 23 70 61


The objective of the International Business (IB) track of the “Licence de Gestion” (Bachelor’s) is to provide a complete view of management sciences - finance, management control, HRM, marketing - in English to students with an international professional project. The majority of courses are attended by both French students, incoming exchange students and double degree students, allowing mutual enrichment in a multicultural environment. An excellent level of English as well as an internationally-oriented professional project is required in order to gain access to this "Licence" program.


The International Business track of the “Licence de Gestion”, whose vast majority of courses are in English, allows students to gain experience in a multicultural environment, while studying in France.

Why finish your degree course at IGR-IAE Rennes?
•  For the subjects taught, essential prerequisites for specialization masters
•  To acquire a groundwork of essential knowledge in all areas of management: marketing, HRM, finance ... This avenue is the guarantee of an easier professional integration and career development
•  To develop managerial skills through participation in the Institute's associative life 
•  For international openings: doing your Licence 3 at IGR-IAE will give you the opportunity to study your master 1, or part of it, in one of IGR-IAE's partner universities
•  To benefit from the Career Week, a whole week dedicated to professional integration and construction of your career plan: meetings with professionals, workshops on tools to help you find a job, preparation for job interviews, career and employment events,...
•  For the mandatory professional experience: in-company internship of 8 weeks minimum, preferably abroad or in a French company with an international mission. A Careers & Internships department assists students in their internship search with: online internship offer dissemination platform and a database of partner companies.

Career Opportunities

Continuation of studies in a master of management, either in Rennes in one of the various masters taught full-time or part-time at IGR-IAE (finance, human resources, marketing or management control and organizational audit), or abroad in one of IGR-IAE’s partner universities. The Bachelor’s in International Business is perfectly suited to taking a double degree in one of IGR-IAE's partner universities abroad. 


Classes in English are taught by foreign teachers as well as by teacher-researchers from IGR-IAE.

The Bachelor’s in International Business is concluded by a mandatory in-company internship, preferably abroad or in a French company with an international mission.


How to apply


To qualify, applicants can have the following background (first 2 years of the Bachelor’s):

- IUT GEA (Business and Administration Management) or TC (Marketing Techniques)
- Faculty of Economics (Bachelor’s Degree in Economics Management)
-  CPGE (preparatory classes to “grandes écoles”)
or other courses according to your profile (including Applied Foreign Languages, specific course abroad, or double degree agreement with your home university).

Selective access

Hold the first 120 credits (Bac +2) + IAE-Message score.