Key Data & Academic calendar

At IGR-IAE Rennes Graduate School of Managemnet, the academic year consists of two semesters. The autumn semester usually runs from the beginning of September to mid-January and the spring semester from mid-January to the end of June.There is a teaching break of one or two weeks at Christmas and Easter.

Autumn semester
  • Courses in French (BA 3rd year and MSc 1st year): 
          -> Classes from  September 3 to December 22.  
          -> Exams take place in January both for the BA 3rd year and  M1 courses). 
  • Courses in English:  September 3 – December 22 (including exams) (resit exams in January)
Spring semester
  • Courses in French
         -> BA 3rd year:  January  7 to April 30 (exams in the beginning of May)  (resit exams for both semesters in June or July)
         -> MSc 1st year: mid-January to mid-April (exams at the end of April) (resit exams for both semesters in June or July)
  • Courses in English: mid-January - end of May (including exams) (resit exams in June)

Expected arrival date: 2 our 3 days before the semester starts.

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