IGR-IAE Foundation

The aim of the IGR-IAE Foundation is to "support the national and international development of research and higher education in management sciences in Brittany. It gives its financial support to research and educational programs and students' grants and projects.

IGR-IAE Foundation was created in 2007 by the signing of an agreement between five leaders of the Breton economy and the Foundation of France:

  • EURO RSCG 360

Since 2007, new partners joined IGR-IAE Foundation :

Arc Atlante - Groupe Arc Groupe Bodemer Bouchers Services
Cabinet Cressard & Le Goff Calligraphy Print Capeos Conseils
Desprez Service - Distri-Center Geirec Groupe Jeulin
Queguiner Matériaux Groupe Legendre Etablissements Michel
SECOB Transports Desert La Feuille d'Erable
Partners companies


IGR-IAE Foundation is a forerunner: IGR-IAE Rennes is the first Graduate School of Management to create a foundation within national network of University Schools of Management (IAE France network).

An innovative and ambitious process...

IGR-IAE Foundation aims to promote and stimulate tomorrow's talents by:

  • developing the internationalization of programs and encouraging students to get trained in a multicultural context,
  • developing and enhancing research in the management sciences,
  • informing and influencing national and international higher education and research in management.

To promote the dynamic of Brittany

Develop educational programs in management by offering IGR-IAE of Rennes the means to adapt its various training and educational schemes so as to better answer to the qualitative and quantitative management needs of today's companies.

Enhance research and reinforce its means by stimulating research in the sciences of management, IGR-IAE acts as a guarantor of actual and future quality of education. The research in management, as a source of innovation for the firm, must improve its international visibility, promote its results and reinforce its means in partnerships with firms and local communities.

Reinforce and institutionalize 50 years of established relations between IGR-IAE of Rennes and its economic and professional environment by organizing regular exchange of information and ideas on corporate development factors eminating from teacher-researchers and company leaders shared expertise. By developing a humanist approach on business management and the role of companies, the Founding members and partners of the IGR-IAE Foundation purpose is to facilitate the emergence of new generations of managers and leaders who are the future actors of the economic development.

Becoming member of the IGR-IAE Foundation means

  • being part of a club of leaders committed to the promotion of future generations of managers and business experts
  • supporting student and teacher-researchers initiatives
  • recruiting skilled and immediately operational managers
  • promoting the integration of new collaborators and ensure the enhancement of their social and professional success