“Back to school day” for IGR-IAE’s Ph.D. students!

The “back to school day for doctoral students” day, organized by the Sigma association, took place on November 6.

The objective was to greet new doctoral students but also to enjoy a time of exchange among doctoral students of IGR-IAE Rennes.

This day’s agenda included

  • Useful information presented by Sigma: the association, its members, the actions of the association, the components to know… followed by a discussion time.
  • Presentation of the laboratory by Franck Moraux, Vincent Hovelaque, Sophie Bernardini, Naïla Louise-Rose
  • Thi Le Hoa Vo, the association’s advisor, was also in attendance.
  • Presentation of the Pomodoro method by Pascale Gentil, a method to help doctoral work.
  • At the end of the afternoon: presentation of each participant’s thesis topic, including the issues encountered, good practice sharing, etc…

About fifteen PhD students were present in a relaxed and participative atmosphere. Many casual exchanges punctuated this online session. Ideas for further encounters were discussed and should come up in the coming months.

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