Rennes in the top 3 French student cities

Rennes in the top 3 French student cities

The 2020-2021 ranking of student cities presented by the French magazine L’Etudiant places Rennes 3rd on the podium! A remarkable arrival in the Top 3, alongside Toulouse and Lyon, which demonstrates Rennes’ undeniable attractiveness to students.

Each year, L‘Etudiant embarks on a challenging exercise: compiling a ranking of the 44 French student cities, based on 5 families of criteria and 16 indicators.

Thus, in addition to attractiveness and course availability, the living environment appears to be an essential criterion in deciding between the participants.

The city of Rennes obtained a total of 112 points, not far from Lyon and Toulouse, who scored 113 and 120 points respectively.

Recognized attractiveness

The first criterion highlighted by this ranking is the attractiveness of student cities. Rennes stands out with a significant increase in the number of students (+21% in 10 years), which makes it the showcase for academic dynamism of the Brittany Region in Wester France.

Training courses of excellence

With regard to the training on offer, the indicators converge towards excellence.
Rennes can boast a “virtually flawless educational quality” with Lyon and Toulouse, according to L’Etudiant.

In addition, the success rate in Bachelor’s degrees is estimated at 51.54% (compared to 42% nationally), we’ re close to flawless!

Rennes at the top of the podium for the Thotismedia (academic information website) ranking!

The Thotismedia website has also published the 2020-2021 issue of the French student cities’ ranking, In this list, Rennes is on the first step!

Where does this difference between the two rankings come from?

Thotismedia examines four criteria, each with a coefficient. As a result, Rennes ranked 2nd for criterion 1 ” Cities’ Student Attractiveness ” with a coefficient of 4, which explains its presence at the top of the podium.


Article written by the communication department of the University of Rennes 1.

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