Welcome International Students!

Welcome Day 2021

Welcome International Students!

On September 3, the international team of IGR-IAE Rennes was pleased to welcome the international students attending our Masters in English and our incoming exchange students expected for the 1st semester or the academic year. They will soon be joined by the rest of the students expected, whose arrival is delayed due to sanitary reasons.

These students, hailing from 30 different countries, met Dr. Karine Picot-Coupey, Vice Dean of International Affairs, as well as their program coordinators. They received crucial information they need to successfully settle into their new lives as IGR-IAE students.

The afternoon was dedicated to an intercultural workshop led by Mrs. Barbara Mattison, a specialist of the field. It will help them understand the cultural differences and solve the challenges they will have to face during their study experience at IGR-IAE Rennes and their stay in France.

During the rest of the month, our international students will have many more opportunities to enjoy activities and events organized by the international team and the  Move & Share association.

Welcome to all our international students, have a wonderful year at IGR-IAE Rennes !





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