Internship & Career services


In order to validate their diploma, our students must do a professional experience (internship of job) starting from April.

The internship office is here to transmit them all practical information about internships and to help them with their internship agreement.

Each student will receive different guides in English with general and practical information about internships in France (calendar, legal rules...) and have also access to our School Career Center (by JobTeaser) : a unique platform to help them to build their professional project.

With this Career Center, students can :

  • build their career objectives : 1,500 coporate videos and 100 chats per year to discover the daily work of employees in companies;
  • find internship/job offers that fit their criteria amont 6,000 internships, full-time and part-time jobs;
  • succeed in their job interviews: they can browse companies's profiles and seek advices from their recruitment experts.

Students have to complete their personal workspace and then:

  • they keep themselves informed of news of all their favorite companies;
  • they receive invitation for career events (recruitment, chat online...);
  • they have access to IGR-IAE 's HR information (Career Fair, profesional events...)
  • they create email alerts (offers or events alerts)
  • they upload their CV in our CV bank: the internship office can read it but also our partner companies!

Alumni Association

 IGR-IAE keeps in contact with its network of 18 000 graduates, through the IGR-IAE alumni association, which regularly organizes conferences and transmits job offers to its members.


Internship office

Gwenegan BOURHIS

Tel. +33 2 23 23 78 31 or +33 2 23 23 46 19

Gwénégan BOURHIS



Alumni Association

Tel. +33 2 23 23 78 63


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