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Deadline for applications:

Applications will open in February 2019. Students are welcome to contact the program coordinator in order to ask questions and be informed of the applications opening date and procedure. 

Students needing to apply earlier (for example applying for a scholarship), are welcome to contact the Master program coordinators in order to get individualized help in their situation. Please let us know which scholarship you are applying for and its application deadline.

Classes begin:
September 2, 2019

End of academic year:
September 30, 2020  (including internship period)

Center in Franchising Retail & Service Chains

Students accepted in the Master of Marketing Franchising, retail & Service Chains can apply for the grant offered by the University of Rennes 1's Foundation.

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"Early bird" application form (Eiffel Scholarship application campaign and other excellence scholarships)

Please fill in the form (use the "fill and sign" command in the latest pdf version) and send it back to the Master program coordinators: with supporting documents. Your email should not exceed 15 Mo.

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Do you know 7 Eleven, Apef Services, Best Western, BBQ Chicken, Brioche Dorée, Burger King, Cache Cache, Caffé Bene, Calzedonia, Cartridge World, Chawla Chicken, Chicken Republic, Colchões Ortobom, Day Inn, Der Bek, Dunkin’ Donuts, Falabella, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Home Inn, KFC, Mango, Marriott, McDonald’s, NordSee, O2 Home Services, O Boticário, Paris Baguette, Pizza Hut, Subway, Supercuts, WSI, Yves Rocher…? All these brands have something in common: they are organized as chains!

Do you know that franchising, retail and service chains have been constantly growing for many years? There are thousands of chains and several millions of franchised units worldwide.

For instance, in the United States, there are more than 2,200 chains, including 770,368 franchised units, responsible for 8,510,000 jobs and generating 839 billion dollars of turnover (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2014).

In Europe as well, franchising is particularly developed. In France for instance, there are 1,834 franchisors and 69,483 franchised units with 53.38 billion euros of turnover (French Franchise Federation, 2016). Also in France, independent associated retailing is composed of 94 groups, corresponding to 178 chains, with a total of 44,941 units and 146.9 billion euros of turnover (Fédération du Commerce coopératif et Associé, 2015). 

The Master Marketing  Franchising, Retail & Service Chains is tailor-made for future Managers and Executives in national and international chains, in retail and service industries, and more specifically in the following areas:

  • chain management (on-field consulting, franchisee training, sales event management…)
  • chain development (franchisee recruitment, store location, real estate prospection, franchise concept promotion…)
  • chain marketing (brand marketing, merchandising, external and internal communication, community management…)
  • chain engineering (franchise consultant, franchising project management…)
  • chain entrepreneurship (franchisee, independent associated retailer, partner, franchisor…)
  • international franchising (global expansion manager, international retail director, master franchisee…)
  • business unit management (store manager, service unit manager, district manager…)

Some graduate students and/or alumni can also choose to become entrepreneurs (franchisee, associated retailer, multi-unit franchisee, master franchisee, franchisor…).

The Master Marketing – Franchising, Retail & Service Chains, taught exclusively in English offer you the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment via interactions and team work involving students from different countries, as well as joint classes and team work with the French students enrolled in the other group of this Master. Moreover the international dimension of the development of franchising, retail and service chains is highlighted. 

To improve the "learning-by-doing" approach, you have a 4-to-6-month internship to be done in France or abroad.

The Master also includes intensive French langage courses.


‘‘Joining the Master in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains will allow you to discover a
kind of business that offers many job opportunities in management, development,
marketing, entrepreneurship, etc., in various industries and various countries.
Favoring interactions, the use of real case studies, and learning-by-doing methods, you
will be prepared to enter and evolve in franchising, retail and service chains. »

Director of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains


Learn more about franchising, retail and service chains : 


Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains

This Master is part of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains whose mission consists in bringing students, researchers and professionals in franchising, retail and service chains together around issues concerning the sector and to generate synergies using a global approach (professions, disciplines and countries). In the context of this Center, students participate in a student competition, work on concrete case studies, meet professionals and experts, attend seminars...

Assets of the Master in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains
  • Diversity of job opportunities: Chain Management, Chain Development, Chain Marketing, Chain Engineering,Chain Entrepreneurship, International Franchising, Business unit Management.
  • Wide range of industries: retailing, services, social sector franchising...
  • Multiple kinds of chains: franchising, independant associated retailing, partnership…
  • International opportunities: Europe, developed countries, developing countries... 
  • Benefits of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains: relationships with the corporate partners, talks/seminars of French and foreign experts, participation to the student competition…
  • Focus on professionalization: studies of concrete cases, testimonials/talks of professionals, visits of companies…
  • Very good professional integration: in average, more than 90% of alumni are employed in less than two months after graduating
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to be familiar with the “culture of chain”: marketing, management, strategy, law, finance…
  • Complementarity of professors: faculty members and professionals, all experts in franchising, retail and service chains, representatives of the federations (FFF and FCA)...
  • International perspectives: multicultural learning environment, joint classes with the French students of the other group of the Master, talks/seminars of researchers of the International Society of Franchising... 
  • Learning through research to develop reasoning and critical thinking: participation to workshops, preparation of a Master dissertation…


The master program lasts 12 months, from September to September and includes about 400 hours of classes and conferences (with a 4-to-6-month internship in a French or international company starting in April). Classes, taught in English, gather conceptual and theoretical elements linked to franchising, retail and service chains. The approach is practical-oriented with case studies based on real company issues. Classes cover complementary approaches such as: marketing, management, strategy, law, finance, etc. Classes are taught by French and foreign professors along with practitioners who are all experts in franchising, retail and service chains.

Moreover, the French Franchise Federation (FFF) and the Fédération du Commerce coopératif et Associé (FCA) give some seminars in this Master. 

This master is also available in apprenticeship and in French : Master Marketing – Management des Réseaux et de la Franchise   

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How to apply

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the academic year, inclusive of 300 hours of French classes, is 6500 EUROS. This does not include the CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution, 90 € for 2018-2019) and other living expenses.

This Master is also accessible to French students attracted by international franchising, retail and service chains and willing to have their last year of studies in English in a multicultural environment. CONTACT US FOR TUITION FEES.

Admission requirements and procedure