Master in International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

International BROCHURE

Deadline for applications:

In order to compensate for the difficulties encountered during the implementation of our online application system, the application period is extended until May 31.
Highly motivated students are welcome to contact us in order to receive the application link.

Classes begin:
First days of September

End of academic year:
September 30 (including internship period)



What is the purpose of this international HRM Master? Its aim is to train Human Resources Managers to work in an English and multicultural context – in France or/and abroad – for small and medium sized import / export companies or major international groups.

Tailor-made for future Executives in international businesses, the program was created in collaboration with IHRM professionals.

It is aimed at students wishing to pursue an international management career in a global context. It develops a wide range of up-to-date skills in social innovation and in HRM. The program will concentrate on the key role of HRM project management in an international context.

Four key managerial skills will be developed:

  • understanding the international and multicultural management context;
  • acquiring specific knowledge essential to work in HRM in an international context : talent management, compensation and benefits, mobility management;
  • leading change management, team-work, psychological well being, HRM project management ;
  • extending their international network, and working with people from different nationalities and cultures who share the same interest in international HRM.

Here are a few examples of jobs aimed by the master degree and sought for by companies:

  • international HR Officer;
  • compensation and Benefits Analyst;
  • international Recruiter;
  • global Mobility Manager;
  • talent manager.


The specificity of this program is to combine a comprehensive academic program, in international HRM with intensive French language courses.

Classes are taught by French and international researchers associated with practitioners who are all experts in Social Innovations and Human Resources Management. All the courses are designed to be organized with small group dynamics: case studies, role playing and management problem solving.


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How to apply

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees for the academic year, inclusive of 300 hours of French classes, is 6500 EUROS. This does not include affiliation to the French student social security scheme (217 € for the 2017-2018 academic year) and other living expenses.

Admission requirements and procedure