Student life

IGR-IAE Rennes has a very dynamic student life. Thanks to many student associations, students can participate and carry out various projects and events. Student associations successfully aim at: making student life more exciting, enabling students to take part in extracurricular activities, integrating them and more generally providing them unforgettable memories.

Among them: IGR Pro and Move & Share.


Move & Share

Would you like to participate actively in the student life of your new University? Move & Share is a key actor for international students, and organizes cultural activities and events all year round (international lunches, trip to Saint-Malo, International party...).

Follow them on their Facebook page.

Christmas party















In November, this student association organizes 2 major events aiming at facilitation your integration into the work market:

  • Journée Simulation Recrutement (mock interview)
  • Forum Entreprises (career fair)

You can follow their activities on their Facebook page.

Forum Entreprises
















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