IGR-IAE Rennes, Graduate School of Management

The University of Rennes 1’s Graduate School of Management (created in 1955) is the largest Business Administration and Management teaching pole in the Western part of France.


The School is a founding member of the national network of University Business ­Schools, the IAE France network, which comprises 31 select members throughout France (www. iae-france.fr). It is divided into three main departments: The School of Management, the Franco-Japanese Center of Management (CFJM) and the Regional School of Training for Chartered Accountants (IRPEC).

Research programs are supported by the Center for Research in Economics and Management (CREM), the only research center in Economics and Management in the west of France, accredited by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The CREM’s main goal is to develop analyses, conduct experiments and simulations in Business, Finance, Management and Marketing, amongst other fields.

The University Graduate School contributes towards the development of European studies in Management Science and is an active member of the Academic Council of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), and of the Steering Committee of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The School applies a selective entry process. On average, only one out of ten applications is successful. Before acceptance to the School, all candidates are expected to show a realistic, well thought-through and consistent career plan in addition to their academic achievements and proof of their motivation.

In 2007, an extensive fundraising campaign resulted in launching the first ever Foundation created within the university business school network in France (Fondation IGR-IAE). Closely linked with the French Foundation, (Fondation de France), its main aim is to initiate and support innovative programs to improve research and teaching in Management Science. Seminars, workshops and conferences are organized on a regular basis.


IGR-IAE Rennes

Dean’s welcome speech


"A member of the IAE FRANCE network in France, IGR-IAE is the biggest public management school and management research center in the western part of France. IGR-IAE develops “the entrepreneurial spirit within the university walls”. For more than 60 years, IGR-IAE has combined both academic research and innovative teaching methods in order to offer its recognized high quality program.
IGR-IAE offers a Bachelor’s of Arts in Management Sciences,
6 professional and research-oriented Masters, and a Doctoral program.
4 Master degrees, in Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources are taught exclusively in English. This offer is rounded off with the addition of a program especially designed for the non-French speaking exchange students coming from our 51 partner Universities, and the existence of oversea programs in Luxemburg, Morocco and Vietnam.
IGR IAE will strive to develop competitive advantages in the coming years. IGR IAE celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015 and continues its tradition of innovation in the service of excellence in education and scientific research. The IGR-IAE alumni association offers a network that will prepare you for your chosen field.
I invite you to join the network and become a representative of IGR-IAE.

Dr Laurent BIRONNEAU, Dean


"If your goal is to acquire new skills and become a business management leader, an active member of a new international generation of managers, specialized in global business, finance, marketing or human resources management
If your wish is to study in an internationally oriented and well-established French School of Management, with partners all around the world, offering programs in English accredited by the French Ministry of Education and Research, complemented by intensive French language courses to also benefit of French culture, socialize with local and foreign students,
Join us to build your future!

Dr. Marc Gaugain
International Affairs Director