Degrees taught exclusively in English

Recognising the need for attracting select international students in quest of global business management training, the English-taught Masters degrees offered at the School are specifically designed to give students that additional cutting edge to become immediately operational in today's dynamic and evolving working environment.


All programs taught in English are complemented by 300 hours of French language training throughout the academic year, in order to allow students to make the most of their stay in France and improve dramatically their French language proficiency.


MBA in International Management (MBAIM)

The main aim of the course is to provide students with the essential skills necessary to pursue a career as an International Business Executive.
The Master's program develops students' capabilities to succeed in a dynamic global business environment wiithin international companies.


Master of Marketing - Franchising, Retails & Service Chains

Do you know 7 Eleven, APEF Services, Avis Immobilier, Best Western, Biocoop, Burger King, Cache-Cache, Calzedonia, Cartridge World, Century 21, Chawla Chicken, Colchões Ortobom, Day Inn, Der Bek, Dunkin’ Donuts, E. Leclerc, Falabella, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Home Inn, Ibis, Intersport, Jacques Dessange, KFC, Krys, La City, Mango, Marriott, McDonald’s, Midas, Morgan, NordSee, O2 Home Services, O Boticário, Pizza Hut, Subway, Supercuts, Super U, WSI, Yves Rocher…? All these brands have something in common: they are organized as chains!


Master in Finance - Advanced Studies and Research in Finance

The «Advanced Studies and Research in Finance» program is a one year course whose main objectives are:

  • to prepare students to doctorate level

  • to prepare for the CFA® exam

  • to provide a solid background and training to pursue careers in the financial, banking, insurance and corporate sectors as research analysts, financial consultants or executives...


Master in International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

What is the purpose of this international HRM Master? Its aim is to train Human Resources Managers to work in an English and multicultural context – in France or/and abroad – for small and medium sized import / export companies or major international groups.


Postgraduate Certificate in International and European Affairs

The program in International Affairs is a one-year interdisciplinary course of studies leading to a Postgraduate Certificate, equivalent to a 1st year Master’s degree (Bac+4) in International Affairs.

Specifically aimed at English-speaking foreign students with little or no business studies or related background, the program has the particularity of combining intensive French language and culture courses with a comprehensive academic program taught entirely in English.


International Program Coordinators

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